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Ian Taylor officially a tall poppy

Animation Research’s Ian Taylor is minted a world class New Zealander in the ninth edition of the NZTE-supported awards.

The awards are presented in a bunch of categories with a slightly taller than all the other tall poppies supreme winner picked from the list at a bash in Auckland next month. 2009’s supreme winner Richard Taylor designed the prize, a tall poppy statue.

The nominees are selected based on criteria which focus on promoting New Zealand internationally, building global connections and facilitating the exchange of information, knowledge and skills domestically and internationally.

Taylor is one of seven nominees in various categories including Life Sciences, New Thinking, and Investment and Business. Some of Taylor’s more recent work is on offer at the Doc Edge festival which opens this week, as Animation Research did a goodly amount of work on making the 3D work as intended for Rachael Wilson’s Yakel 3D. Taylor is also a speaker on the Sexy Tech panel at next week’s Screen Edge Forum in Auckland.

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