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Industry speaks on kids content

NZ On Air has published submissions made in response to its call about children’s content. The agency has also announced a half-day forum to run alongside the SPADA Conference in Wellington on Friday 13 November.

The submissions represent a fairly small number of producers, although SPADA has made a substantial submission. The NZ Children’s Screen Trust (Kids On Screen), whose Children’s Media Rights Declaration is heavily and supportively referenced, also made a submission. With plenty of research showing kids as well as adults drifting away from TV screens in favour of other devices and media, the NZ Game Developers Association has also submitted its thoughts.

Among the other submissions are intelligent and thoughtful contributions from academic Geoff Lealand and producer Bevin Linkhorn.

A number of submissions reference the recently-completed review of the NZSPG, which (after the closing date for submissions to NZ On Air) made changes intended to increase support for children’s TV content. Kids’ drama programmes can now receive support from both NZ On Air and the NZSPG.

The collected submissions can be read here.

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