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Insatiable Moon in to win

The producers of The Insatiable Moon have called for Kiwis to buy a lotto ticket as one way to raise the remaining budget. Ten weeks out from shooting, the production is about $500,000 shy of its $2 million budget.

The Insatiable Moon

The Insatiable Moon

With Powerball sitting at $15 million this week, there would be plenty to spare.

Writer and producer Mike Riddell, who adapted his eponymous 1997 novel for the screenplay, said the budget was currently about 75% financed. Discussions are ongoing with potential equity partners here in NZ and in the UK. In NZ, the producers are aiming to raise $500,000, of which $350,000 has been committed so far.

A UK-NZ co-production, the film has attracted funding from Screen West Midlands in the UK under its regional spend criteria, with post production due to take place at Blue Hippo Media in Birmingham.

Having received development funding and producer assistance from the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) last year, the film was turned down for production assistance by the NZFC earlier this month.

Scottish director Gillies MacKinnon will direct. The film will be shot in Ponsonby over five weeks, commencing on November 16. It will be shot on the RED camera, by cinematographer Nigel Willoughby, who works regularly with MacKinnon. Whale Rider’s Rawiri Paratene plays the role of Arthur, the self-proclaimed second son of God.

The idea for raising the money through the lottery comes from an element in the story where Arthur buys a ticket, hoping to win and save the boarding house where he lives from closing down.

The film is slated for completion mid next year, with the producers hoping to have it ready in time to submit to the Toronto International Film Festival for September. The film will have a theatrical release in NZ late next year.

According to the producers, Maori Television has a licensing deal in place to screen the film in 2011.