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Jake goes online

After a successful theatrical release and television screenings, Soug Dillamon’s black-comedy sci-fi thriller Jake is now available on VOD.

Dillamon, Alistair Tye-Samson and Anoushka Klaus founded Hydrid Motion Pictures in 2008, and have been working on Jake since then.

Having self-funded the production of Jake in 2009, and self-released the film to cinemas in 2014, it’s been a long road for Hybrid’s team. But critical praise, Moa nominations for Best Independent Feature and Best Supporting Actor (Leighton Cardno), a slot in New York’s Bushwick Film Festival, and screenings on sci-fi network The Zone show that others have recognized the independent film’s strengths.

Writer-director Dillaman explained, “We’ve made an off-beat film that has connected with audiences more than I ever expected. Now, everyone can see the fruits of our hard work in the comfort of their own home, and I look forward to seeing how new audiences respond.”

“The smartest bit of lo-fi, hi-IQ science fiction New Zealand has produced since ever.”
     David Larsen, The Listener

Producer Alastair Tye-Samson said, “We’ve done this ourselves every step of the way, up to and including our self-hosted VOD release. It’s been a monumental journey to learn not just how to make a film, but how to release it to the world, and now that we’ve reached the final step I can’t wait to get the next film off the ground!”

Actor and producer Anoushka Klaus in Jake

Actor and producer Anoushka Klaus in Jake

Jake is available for purchase (downloadable and DRM-free) exclusively from jakethemovie.com for US$5, or in a Special Edition for US$8. The Special Edition includes deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, a commentary audio track, the shooting script, and previous Hybrid short films, including Hybrid’s 2013 48 Hours Grand National Finalist, Paralysis, directed by producer Tye-Samson and hand-picked for the finals by Peter Jackson, and a three-part loving homage of Troll 2 made in 2008 for the V48Seconds competition.

Paul Velat’s score, as well as a selection of songs from the film, is due to release in mid-October and will be made available to Deluxe Edition purchasers at that time.