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Jane the big winner in Busan

This year’s Busan International Festival closed Saturday, handing out its awards at the end of what has been a difficult year for the event.

Among the announcements, one title took multiple awards. CHO Hyunhoon’s Jane (pictured, top) took the CGV Arthouse Award, as well as the two acting gongs, for Lee Minji and Gu Gyohwan.

Wang Xuebo’s Knife in the Clear Water, also named as a finalist for next month’s Asia Pacific Screen Awards’ diversity gong over the weekend, took a half share in Busan’s New Currents Awards.

The Busan International Film Festival ran 6 – 15 October. The event handed out its market awards during last week. The festival’s award winners were:

Vision-Director’s Award
Autumn, Autumn, JANG Woojin (Korea)
Hyeon’s Quartet, AHN Seonkyoung (Korea)
Citizen Critics’ Award
Jamsil, LEE Wanmin (Korea)
CGV Art-house Award
Jane, CHO Hyunhoon (Korea)
Daemyung Culture Wave Award
Yongsoon, SHIN Joon (Korea)
FIPRESCI (Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique) Award
White Ant, CHU Hsien-Che (Taiwan)
NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asia Cinema) Award
Merry Christmas Mr. Mo, LIM Dae Hyung (Korea)
Busan Cinephile Award
The Apology, Tiffany HSIUNG (Canada)

New Currents Awards
Knife in the Clear Water, Wang Xuebo
The Donor, Zang Qiwu
Special Mention: Parting, Navid Mahmoudi

Actor of the year
Gu Gyohwan, Jane

Actress of the year
Lee Minji, Jane

BIFF Mecenat Award
Korea: Neighborhood, Sung Seungtaek
Asia: The Crescent Rising, Sheron Dayoc (Philippines)

Sonje Award
Korea: Viewer, Kim Soyoun
Asia: Off-Season, Yelzat Eskendir (Kazakhstan)
Special Mention: The Doomed Way, Guo Sanpi (China)

KNN Award
In Between Seasons, Lee Dong-eun (Korea)

Busan Bank Award
Night of a 1,000 Hours, Virgil Widrich (Germany)

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