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Joint doco fund confirms three titles

The first documentary project supported by NZ On Air and the NZFC under the Joint Documentary Fund has gone into production, while funding for two more projects has now been finalised.

The Joint Documentary Fund was announced by the two agencies in March last year to support one-off feature-length documentaries for both cinema and television.

In October last year the funders announced that one project had been supported, from an initial intention to support “up to five”. That project, Waves of ANZAC Cove from Frame Up Films, is now in production with Sam Neill as presenter. It is expected to screen around the Anzac Day centenary next year.

In December last year, the NZFC and NZ On Air issued a second call after some tweaking of the criteria around the fund.

KHF Media was granted some development funding by the scheme last year in order to secure the commitment of key subjects to its proposal. KHF will now go ahead with Too Much Love, the tragic story of the death of Janet Moses, accidentally drowned by her whanau in 2007 during a four-day mākutu lifting ceremony.

Christchurch’s Paua Productions, whose Undercover Rescue recently sold to Scandinavia, will produce Back From The Death Zone. It follows Guy Cotter and Lydia Bradey, two of New Zealand’s most experienced mountaineers, on a quest to recover some of the 200+ bodies of climbers who have perished on Mt Everest.

The three confirmed projects have been awarded just over $2.1 million of the fund’s $2.5 million pot.

Funding details
Waves Of Anzac Cove, 1 x 2 hrs, Frame Up Films for Maori Television, $329,000 (NZ On Air) $141,000 (NZFC)
Back From The Death Zone, 1 x 1 hr, Paua Productions for Prime, $515,977 (NZ On Air) $221,133 (NZFC)
Too Much Love, 1 x 1hr, KHF Media for TV One, $585,701 (NZ On Air) $251,015 (NZFC)

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