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KFF on a Mission

The Korean Cinerama Trust’s Korean Film Festival presented a charity screening of Roaring Currents on Friday night in Auckland.

Roaring Currents, Choi Min-sik has a bad day at the office

Roaring Currents, Choi Min-sik has a difficult day at the office

One of a number of Asia-focused events running during the Lunar New Year celebrations, the film was presented for the benefit of the Auckland City Mission – a screening to benefit The Soup Kitchen having been held in Wellington earlier in the week.

The choice of title celebrated Korean filmmaking success. Han-min Kim’s Roaring Currents was released in Korea in July last year, and has since become the Korean box office’s best-grossing title, taking over US$100 million off over 17 million admissions.

For comparison, that level of popularity would equate to a NZ title earning over $17.25 million.

Roaring Currents continued a strong run of period titles presented by the Korean Film Festival in NZ, following 2010’s 71 Into the Fire and 2012’s Gwanghae (released as Masquerade outside Korea).

Macrograph’s teaser of the VFX for Roaring Currents

Korean Cinerama Trust chair Michael Stephens and vice chair Melissa Lee opened proceedings, with Korean Consul General Yilho PAK introducing the film. Close to 600 people turned out for the screening, with several Korean dignitaries including First Secretary Youngju MOON, Trade Commissioner Rakgon KIM and some of the dwindling number of NZ veterans of the Korean war also present.

The Korean Cinerama Trust usually presents the Korean Film Festival every two years, but has plans under way to bring a selection of Korean titles here later this year.

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