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King to impose Realiti on Fantastic Fest

Jonathan King’s independent feature Realiti is off to Texas this week for “the rest of its world premiere” at Austin’s Fantastic Fest (FFX).


Nathan Meister in Jonathan King’s Realiti

Fantastic Fest’s Todd Brown assessed King’s micro-budget feature as

A mind bending puzzle box conceived in part to demonstrate that big ideas are far more important than big budgets, REALITi plays like the bastard love child of Rod Serling and George Orwell as filtered through the classic New Wave … A likely next step after a film about cannibal sheep? Not even remotely, but a very pleasant surprise.

King and lead Nathan Meister will attend FFX, the US’ biggest genre festival, with King also intending to shop the film around FFX’s industry events for international buyers.

screeNZ was lucky enough to interview King and writer Chad Taylor ahead of Realiti’s appearances at this year’s NZIFF.

FFX opens Friday (NZ time) with King’s feature one of two with NZ connections playing on the opening night.

The Ant Timpson-produced ABCs of Death 2 is the other. The Alamo Drafthouse venue is one of the interests of another ABCs producer, Tim League, which explains why the film is having its world premiere at the event. The premiere screening and accompanying Q&A will travel simultaneously via satellite to other Drafthouses in various US cities. Timpson and Tim Riley attend from NZ.

Rounding out the Kiwi interest will be Gerard Johnstone’s Housebound, making its umpteenth appearance in the US. FFX doesn’t normally accept films previously seen in Texas, let alone the same city. (Housebound premiered in Austin at SXSW in March.) But, as programmer Brown says, “It’s fucking fantastic and we’d be idiots not to show it.”

Aussie interest at FFX includes The Babdook, Electric Boogaloo and a pair of shorts: Heidi Lee Douglas’ gothic Little Lamb and Ryan Coonan’s zombie roo tale Waterborne.

Fantastic Fest runs 18 – 25 September in Austin, Texas.

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