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Labour complains about lack of support for NZFA

Labour arrives late at the Film Archive fundraising party, but in time to criticise Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage, Hon Christopher Finlayson’s support for a philanthropic campaign to raise money for a new film archive storage facility.

The launch of the campaign took place last Monday.

Calling it “another example of inadequate funding to ensure protection of a valuable and iconic resource”, Labour Arts spokesperson Steve Chadwick launched the counter-offensive in a press release.

“Our irreplaceable collection of old movies, documentaries and film held by the Film Archives (sic) must be housed appropriately and the Government should pay for this as an essential and core component to preserve New Zealand’s pictorial history,” Steve Chadwick said.

“Labour has always valued philanthropy but believes it is not a substitute for Government fulfilling its core responsibilities.” Labour didn’t seem to value philanthropy very much as far as Owen Glenn was concerned, but the view from the other side of the chamber is different. However, it’s hard to know from the release whether Labour’s great and good intend putting their hands in their pockets to help out the cash-strapped Film Archive, or whether they just want to bleat about the government not doing so.

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