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Lani’s Space a winner in US

Short Lani’s Space has won a special category award at the CineSpace competition, named Film Best Depicting Benefits to Humanity from the International Space Station. The award was judged by judged by Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Boyhood)

Created by NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society, the Cinespace short film competition drew 900 entries, some of which were screened at the Houston Cinema Art Festival in November.

The short film by Film Construction’s Harriett Maire and Ferris Bradley (pictured, top) is about a solo father’s journey to understand his daughter’s love of space.

Director Harriett Maire said, “When making a short film, you become so wrapped up and invested in the project that sometimes it can be difficult to objectively see whether it does what it set out to achieve, and tells a good story. Having this acknowledgement from Cinespace and Richard Linklater himself is incredibly humbling.

“We won US$4000, which is just an astonishing amount of money. We plan to feed it into another creative project very soon. My dream in the hopefully not-too-distant future would be to buy the rights to turn one of my favourite New Zealand novels into a film.”

Film Construction CEO, Patrick McAteer said, “We’re so proud of these guys – it’s really exciting to be working with and mentoring them at the start of their careers. To win something like this will set them up for big things.”

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