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Life Force Series 2 Goes Global at MIPCOM 2014

The second season of the multi-award winning and critically acclaimed series Life Force will be launched to the distribution market at MIPCOM 2014 on Monday, 13th October. The series will be distributed in Asia by NHK Enterprises, and internationally by Discovery Program Sales.

Two years in the making, Life Force 2 is a global production, partnering NHK and NHNZ with CCTV9, Science Channel, Discovery Networks International, Arte and SVT.

This blue-chip evolutionary wildlife science series follows the dramas of the daily lives of animals found in biodiverse global ‘hot spots’, unravelling compelling science mysteries and showing how strange ties and curious connections bind our mutant world.

NHK Enterprises Executive Producer of Nature & Science Programs, Shinichi Murata said: “I’m very proud to release the latest fruit of NHK’s partnership with NHNZ. The work we’ve been doing together for more than 15 years goes far beyond a mere financial arrangement; it represents true co-production as the two teams have worked together at every stage. Life Force 2 is the fourth big series to result from this unusually close partnership. Both teams worked hard to combine their respective specialties to maximum advantage. The result, I believe, is an incomparable level of quality.”

Kyle Murdoch, NHNZ’s Managing Director, adds: “After two years in production, it is wonderful to culminate this series at MIPCOM 2014 and celebrate with our friends from NHK as Life Force 2 is offered to other broadcasters. We are excited to see our distributor run with the series and share it with the global market.”

Life Force 2 saw its world premiere in July on the Science Channel in the USA under the title Mutant Planet and is premiering throughout Europe and in Southeast Asia, Taiwan and India over the next three months.

The series sets itself apart from traditional natural history shows by carefully crafting a blend of genres, combining exceptional wildlife photography by world-class crews with CGI, cinematic-style narratives and cutting-edge science

Six one-hour episodes focus on China’s Tibetan Plateau and Hengduan mountains, Africa’s Albertine Rift, India’s Western Ghats, Borneo’s tropical rainforest, the Namibian desert and Costa Rica’s tropical forests.

Life Force 2 uses state-of-the-art camera technology, cutting-edge macro light-weight cameras capturing microscopic creatures and insects, mini sky-copters attaining perspectives unachievable from helicopters and planes, and the latest cinematic 4K and high-speed cameras, recording animals and plants in glorious detail.

Featuring a weird cast of surprising mutants, Life Force 2 shows the ceaseless process of evolution, visualising the science behind the specific adaptations that have allowed animals to thrive in their own unique worlds.

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NHNZ is a major global producer of factual television creating original content for Discovery Channels, A&E Television Networks, Smithsonian Channel, National Geographic Channels, NHK and CCTV. Highly regarded for its 35-year plus natural history heritage, NHNZ has had success across the board with factual shows like L.A Frock Stars for the Smithsonian Channel and I Survived...for A&E. The company’s storytelling prowess has been recognized with more than 250 international awards including Emmy awards and the prestigious Wildscreen Panda. In addition to its one stop hub in Dunedin, New Zealand, NHNZ has offices in Beijing and Washington DC.

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