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Loading Docs for 2014

The NZFC and NZOA-supported Loading Docs initiative has announced the ten short short docos coming next year.

A number of familiar names are in the mix, including several well-versed in the short form storytelling of TVCs and music videos. The Notable Pictures’ initiative received 67 submissions, all putting their interpretations on the project’s theme of “home”, from which 10 have been selected.

The announcement kicks off a busy few months, with the intention that all ten films be completed and seen by May.

In early January the filmmakers will attend a weekend workshop to further develop their treatments and production plans. In February they’ll run campaigns on PledgeMe to seek financial support and build some awareness. Production is scheduled to begin in March with the completed pieces to be premiered online in May.

Loading Docs will host the titles, as well as making them available through other online outlets.

Among those familiar names whose projects were selected is Joel Kefali, who this year won a third consecutive Best Video Award at the Vodafone NZ Music Awards with his MV for Lorde’s Royals. With Special Problems’ partner Campbell Hooper, Kefali also won Best Short Film Screenplay MOA earlier this month for Echoes.

Other directors with solid commercial CVs include Zoe McIntosh (Deadly Ponies Gang, Lost in Wonderland) and fellow Thick as Thieves director Alex Sutherland.

Prisca Bouchet (Le Taxidermiste) is well-known for her editing work, on award-winning docos including Briar March’s There Once Was An Island and this year’s Doc Edge winner, Monica de Alwis’ Pretty Brutal.

Lippy Pictures’ Paula Boock has a number of award-winning NZ On Air-supported longer-form docudramas under her belt (Until Proven Innocent, Tangiwai and the upcoming Field Punishment No 1).

The 10 projects supported are:

A Bird in the Hand
Director Andrew Farrant, Producer Lissandra Liet
Extinction is forever, but one New Zealand bird has a second chance. Lost for over 100 years, the New Zealand Storm Petrel has been found. Chris Gaskin and his team face the challenging task to unravel the mysteries  of Aotearoa’s most elusive bird.  Will they find hatchlings, new life to help secure the birds’ future?

Director Joel Kefali, Producer Amber Easby
Dans (Turkish for ‘dance’)  is an animated documentary based around the storytelling of Sol, an elderly Turkish migrant now living in New Zealand. In this colourful short Sol recounts a treasured memory from his early days as a refugee spent at “The Orange” – a popular dance hall in Auckland.

Home Base
Director Andrew Scott
In one elegant shot this short documentary takes the viewer on an unusual journey through a New Zealand home on a summers day. A peaceful work that initiates contemplation on what humans choose to have in their homes, and the natural and man-made symphony that surrounds us all.

Producer/Director Tim Worrall and Aaron Smart
A Tuhoe kaumatua sings his family back to their kainga in the Urewera ranges. 

Kainga is an affectionate portrait of Tuhoe kaumatua, Beam Titoko, as he uses the power of an old party waiata, to call his whanau back home to their shack deep in the Urewera ranges.

Living like a King
Director Zoe McIntosh
The disaster of the Christchurch Earthquake left the majority of its population devastated but for a small group of homeless people, the earthquake meant new and luxurious living opportunities. Living like a King is an intimate portrait of one of Christchurch’s oldest Streeties (Aka Cowboy) and his unexpected taste of what its like to live like a King. 

Minimum Wage with Million Dollar Views
Director Greg Jennings, Producer Jack Nicol
Be it in scorching sunlight or sideways snowfall, the workers behind the stop/go signs on our roads gain a unique insight into our home, Aotearoa. Using the natural beauty of New Zealand as the backdrop, Minimum Wage with Million Dollar Views shares an untold kiwi story of identity and earning an honest day’s pay.

The Jump
Director Alex Sutherland, Producer Rebekah Kelly
With a healthy mix of imagination, balls and roughly remembered Newtonian physics, a kiwi bloke jumped off a bridge in 1979 attached to a rubber bungee. This never before seen footage tells the untold story of Chris Sigglekow, the man who invented and took the world’s first Bungee jump.

Producer/Director Prisca Bouchet & Nick Mayow
From the last resident going to bed to the first person rising, Today follows the passing of time for residents and workers of a South Auckland rest home and offers an evocative insight into a place many New Zealanders call ‘home’.

Director Robyn Paterson, Producer Paula Boock
Coming out is one thing, coming home another. Home is a complex concept to anyone of an ‘alternative’ sexuality, with its connotations of place, identity and security. In this film, a diverse range of the queer community talk to a self-operated camera about their personal experiences; sharing stories which are moving, humorous and compelling.

Wayne’s World
Directors Kirsty Griffin and Vivienne Kernick
For Wayne, a profoundly intellectually disabled man with microcephaly, living with others has always been fraught with conflict, but at 44 he has finally been given a home of is own. With this space Wayne is now ready to begin the rest of his life. 

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