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Loading Docs gets 10 out of 10

Loading docs closed its crowdfunding campaign on Boosted last night with all 10 projects having crossed the line with time to spare.

Amber Easby & Henry Oliver's Kusada

Amber Easby & Henry Oliver’s Kusada

The standout performer by several country miles was Amber Easby & Henry Oliver’s Kusada. Not only was it the first of the projects to pass the $2000 mark to trigger Loading Docs production cash, it also ended the campaign with the best result. Kusada scored 359% of its $2000 target, or $7,185.

No other project passed 150% of the target.

J.Ollie Lucks’ Wilbur Force achieved the second highest amount from donations, $2,750, although Waihorotiu took $4,123 due to a matched funds deal with Trilogy. Two projects hit the $2,000 mark more or less exactly: Wendell Cooke & Jeremy Macey’s Killer App and Hamish Bennett’s Tihei.

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