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Loading Docs goes again

Loading Docs has named the 10 teams and titles selected for the sophomore edition of the short doco initiative.

Amber Easby & Henry Oliver's Kusada

Amber Easby & Henry Oliver’s Kusada

A number of familiar names are again in the mix, including Hip Hop-eration producer Paula Jones, NZIFF winner Hamish Bennett (Ross & Beth), and Michelle Savill, a 2014 Script to Screen FilmUp mentee who’s also producing Heather Hayward’s NZFC-funded Fresh 10 short Stevo.

Returning from the inaugural Loading Docs is producer Alexander Gandar, this time with director Nikki Castle. Last year Gandar produced Aidee Walker’s Loading Docs film Catkiller, which was withdrawn shortly after its premiere following discussions with police.

A number of the filmmakers also have previous shorts being presented at Clermont-Ferrand, which opens tomorrow (Friday 30 January),

Loading Docs includes a requirement for teams to crowdsource funds towards production budgets. Last year the funding partner was PledgeMe, while the Arts Foundation’s Boosted will be the home for this year’s campaign. Since each film is seeking a relatively modest $2000 (which Loading Docs will match), Boosted makes an interesting choice.

Its user base is smaller, if better-heeled, than PledgeMe’s, but it’s carried a very limited number of film projects. On the upside for the filmmakers there’s none of that pesky reward stuff to satisfy with Boosted campaigns, since Boosted offers donors a tax deduction.

The films’ fundraising campaigns will run in March.

Executive Producers Julia Parnell and Anna Jackson did a great job of promoting Loading Docs last year, not least in drawing and capitalising on interest from Vimeo. Curator Jason Sondhi attended the launch last May, and also presented at the Loading Docs session at the Doc Edge Forum. Two of the Loading Docs titles were named Vimeo staff picks, massively boosting their online views.

The date for the launch of this year’s titles has yet to be announced. The 2015 Loading Docs films will be:

The Crystal Palace
Directors Karl Sheridan and Robin Gee, Producer Monster Valley

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching
Director Rowena Baines, Producer Paula Jones

Fantasy Cave
Director/Producers Michelle Savill and Matt Henley

H20 Below
Directors Louis Olsen and Frances Haszard, Producer: Scott Elder

Killer App
Director/Producers Wendell Cooke, Jeremy Macey

Directors Amber Easby & Henry Oliver, Producer Amber Easby

Madness Made Me
Director Nikki Castle, Producer Alexander Gandar

The Pet Whisperer
Directors Justin Hawkes & Ian Hart, Producer Hayley Cunningham

Director Hamish Bennett, Producer Orlando Stewart

Wilbur Force
Director J.Ollie Lucks, Producer Veronica Stevenson

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