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Loading Docs loading up again

After its successful debut earlier this year, Loading Docs gets set to go again and has opened its call for submissions for its 2015 round of three-minute documentary shorts.

Living Like Kings

One of the first round of Loading Docs titles, Zoe McIntosh’s Living Like Kings

The doors are open until 8 December, with a timetable in place leading to the 10 films supported making their collective premiere in July next year.

In cash terms Loading Docs offers $2,000, plus up to a further $2,000 of funding to match cash generated via a crowd-funding campaign. In kind, Toybox and Sale Street Studios will provide each title with a colour grade and sound-mix.

The scheme doesn’t allow newbies to make their mark, with one of the application criteria being that filmmakers must have “a proven track record in screen production”.

There’s also a commitment to diversity with the statement: We will look for film subjects and styles that will appeal to a range of different audiences, and will reflect a diversity of cultures, ages, regions and perspectives.

As they did for the inaugural Loading Docs outing, Julia Parnell and Anna Jackson will EP for Parnell’s Notable Pictures.

All the info is on Loading Docs.

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