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Loading Docs pair cross funding finish line

Two of the ten titles currently seeking support on Boosted have passed their targets within a week of the Loading Docs campaign’s launch.

Amber Easby & Henry Oliver's Kusada

Amber Easby & Henry Oliver’s Kusada

Late last week Amber Easby & Henry Oliver’s Kusada became the first to pass its $2000 mark, with Nikki Castle’s Madness Made Me reaching its goal over the weekend.

Hamish Bennett’s Tihei (90%) and Frances Haszard & Louis Olsen’s Waihorotiu (88%) are the next closest titles to reaching the S2000 target at present. Bringing up the rear a week into the campaign, with 17% of its target committed, is Wendell Cooke & Jeremy Macey’s Killer App.

In its first year, Loading Docs used PledgeMe as its crowdfunding partner. However, Loading Docs co-producer Anna Jackson is a Boosted ambassador. Running the campaigns on Boosted has allowed Jackson could be heavily involved in the campaigns from working on strategy through to set-up.

The shift has also given Loading Docs the opportunity to lighten the load on its participants. As Boosted offers tax rebates rather than rewards to donors, filmmakers can focus more on their films and less on delivering rewards.

The Boosted campaign runs until the end of the month. The Loading Docs campaign on Boosted is here.

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