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Loading Docs ready to unload

Loading Docs will launch its ten distinctive and original three-minute documentary shorts on 27 May. Following the premiere screening at Auckland’s Academy Cinemas, all ten films will be available to view and share on Loading Docs.

Representing a diverse range of subjects and filmmaking styles, the films all explore unique aspects of ‘home’ and showcase the filmmaking talents of some of New Zealand’s finest filmmakers:

  • Aidee Walker and Alexander Gandar (Catkiller)
  • Joel Kefali and Amber Easby (Dans)
  • Andrew Scott (Homing)
  • Zoe McIntosh (Living Like Kings)
  • Robyn Paterson and Paula Boock (Queer Selfies)
  • Greg Jennings and Jack Nicol (Stop/Go)
  • Alex Sutherland and Rebekah Kelly (The Jump)
  • Tim Worrall and Aaron Smart (The Road to Whakarae)
  • Prisca Bouchet and Nick Mayow (Today)
  • Kirsty Griffin and Vivienne Kernick (Wayne)

Loading Docs producers Anna Jackson and Julia Parnell chose a three-minute format for the documentaries because they wanted the films to be easily viewed and shared online and on mobile devices where viewers favour short form content.

“The three-minute format presented our filmmakers with a really tough challenge, but it also pushed them to be creative and original in their approach to documentary storytelling”, says Loading Docs producer Julia Parnell.

“In the process of making their Loading Docs films, our filmmakers have successfully explored crowdfunding through PledgeMe, increased their awareness of tools for outreach and promotion and honed their filmmaking skills in a new short format” says Loading Docs producer Anna Jackson.

Loading Docs EPs Jackson and Parnell will present at the Screen Edge Forum on 29 May.

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