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Loading Docs titles going strong

Halfway through their campaign, half of the Loading Docs titles seeking support have passed their $2000 target.


Michelle Savill and Matt Henley’s Fantasy Cave

Last week Amber Easby & Henry Oliver’s Kusuda and Nikki Castle’s Madness Made Me became the first titles to hit their targets. This week Michelle Savill and Matt Henley’s Fantasy Cave, Hamish Bennett’s Tihei, and Louis Olsen and Frances Haszard’s Waihoritiu also secured $20000 of pledges.

Only one of the titles has yet to attract 50% of the necessary support. With two weeks of the campaign still to run the remaining projects seeking funds are:

  • J.Ollie Lucks’ Wilbur Force, with 70% secured
  • Justin Hawkes & Ian Hart’s Conversations with Pets, with 66%
  • Karl Sheridan & Robin Gee’s Please Open, with 65%
  • Wendell Cooke & Jeremy Macey’s Killer App, with 61%
  • Rowena Baines’ No Lights No Lycra, with 31%

The Loading Docs campaign page is here. The campaign closes at the end of the month.

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