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Loren Taylor directs Great Greens

Horse riders in the mist, a roll call of small dogs, the desert road, award-winning business people and acres of happy kiwis have been captured in the first campaign for election year by the Green Party.
Great Greens directed by Loren Taylor (Eagle vs Shark, actress, writer, director) and shot by cinematographer Adam Luxton (On an Unknown Beach) features Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year Taika Waititi (Hunt for the Wilderpeople), Rachel House (Moana), comedian Alice Brine (Funny Girls), John Bach (Lord of the Rings), alongside other Kiwis such as Eva McGauley (Eva’s Wish), Tessa Prebble (One in a Million Baby podcast), actor Chris Parker and more.  
Co-leader James Shaw, who also appears in the video, says the campaign is positive, progressive and inclusive. 
“This campaign signals a fresh, new look for the Green Party. We have always been progressive and ahead of the curve so it’s great that many of the values New Zealanders now take for granted such as fresh water, recycling and warm homes are things we’ve pushed for during our 25-year history.” 

Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei says, “The people who were keen to be involved and the resulting campaign is testimony to the incredible range and depth of Green supporters in this country. This campaign demonstrates who we are and what we stand for.”
Director and actor, Loren Taylor says that using real New Zealanders was an important part of the series of the campaign.  

“We filmed over 80 people in locations around the country and it was a deeply moving experience. People shared tears, laughter and most of all, a sense of excitement about what the future holds in this election year. Everyone wanted to share their stories and the openness and honesty shines through.” 
Cinematographer and filmmaker, Adam Luxton, who’s documentary On an Unknown Beach debuted in the 2016 New Zealand International Film Festival, returned home to film the Great Greens campaign. After living in Berlin for eight years he decided it was time to return home with a young family and a new baby on the way. 

“I feel so privileged to have met and worked with so many great people on this – it was the best homecoming I could have hoped for. It confirmed everything about why I wanted to bring my family home to New Zealand. The care and community spirit was palpable.” 
Pulling on the resources of the creative capital the music was composed and recorded by Nigel Collins (Flight of the Conchords), Justin Firefly Clarke (Fly My Pretties) and Ben Wood (Trinity Roots). 
For New Zealander of the year, Taika Waititi and actor Rachel House, star of Moana, the decision to appear in Great Greens was a no-brainer. 
“Aotearoa is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we have to protect that,” says Rachel House. 
James Shaw has had thousands of conversations as his time as Co-leader in the Greens and he says Great Greens cleverly captures them all. 
“Kiwis around the world are proud of our clean, green image and they like the fact the Green Party is willing to stand up and protect what we have. We are also known as the most trustworthy party. It makes me very proud that New Zealanders know we’re honest and are here to be their voice in government.”
The videos are matched with a purpose built-website (with a very impressive array of gifs) at greatgreens.nz where people can have their say in creating a great New Zealand. 

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