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Lotteries jackpot helps NZFC

The Film Commission will receive just under $13.4 million from the Lotteries Grant Board (LGB) for the coming year.

In April, the NZFC and other recipients of LGB support were looking at a drop in income for the coming year as Lotto had been won several times without jackpotting above $15 million. The higher jackpots drive an awful lot of ticket sales, which in turn put more into the pot for LGB recipients.

The late run of jackpots, which saw the prize climb most of the way to its $40 million maximum before the 30 June end of year, boosted Lotto takings. LGB recipients, including the NZFC, benefitted accordingly.

While the jackpot was good news for the NZFC (and last weekend’s three other winners of $13 million+) it’s put the income back to pretty much the level the NZFC had previously budgeted for. The Commission had budgeted on the LGB distributing $200 million, of which the Commission’s 6,5% would be $13 million.

The NZFC will receive $ 13,377,000, including $955,500 ringfenced for Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision. The announcement was made today by Peter Dunne, who also announced the LGB’s other recipients.

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