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Maori titles hit the road

The Aotearoa NZ Film Festival plays this week in Honolulu, ahead of the Aoteara Maori Film Festival screenings in Sydney and Australia in the next few weeks.

There’s some programme crossover between the two events, with both having a strong focus on Maori filmmaking. The Hawaiian event claims a focus on “Mana Wahine”, although that’s more true of the shorts than features selected. Wairoa Maori Film Festival’s Leo Koziol and the NZFC did much of the legwork behind the programming.

In Hawaii three features play, two accompanied by shorts. Tearepa Kahi’s Mt Zion plays alone and opened the festival. Mike Jonathan’s Road to the Globe plays with Ryan Baigent’s Kotiro Māori E; Dana Rotberg’s White Lies plays with Tamati Ihaka’s Maumahara.

Road to the Globe

Mike Jonathan’s Road to the Globe

In the Mana Wairoa Maori Shorts programme, a half dozen films are selected: Renae Maihi’s Butterfly, Jaimee Poipoi’s Kia Ora Miguel, Libby Hakaraia’s The Lawnmower Men of Kapu, Briar Grace-Smith’s Nine Of Hearts, Rebecca Collins’ Tohunga and Hiona Henare’s Uru.

For the Australian events, which offer an unannounced feature plus a shorts programme, Renae Maihi’s Butterfly and Tamati Ihaka’s Maumahara make the trip from the Hawaii programme. Joining them will be TemaKwan Fenton’s The Biggest Bachelorettes Got Cooking Talent, Lennie Hill’s Dog On Duty, Apirana Ipo Te Maipi’s Home, Helena Bethune’s The Rangimoekaus and Catherine Bisley’s Wide Eyed.

The Aotearoa New Zealand Film Festival runs in Honolulu until 8 August. The Aotearoa Maori Film Festival will play in Sydney 22 and 23 August, and in Brisbane 5 and 6 September.

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