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Matt Whelan looks for coke in Colombia

Matt Whelan is in Colombia shooting for the third season of Netflix drama Narcos.

The show kicks off a major new story arc in season three after closing its second season with the demise of the Medellin cartel and death of Pablo Escobar. Whelan plays a young American DEA agent, which Netflix has previously announced will shift its attentions to the Cali cartel in the third season.

The offer to Whelan came via his LA agent, Stephanie Ramsey at Paradigm. Whelan recorded several self-tapes in the studio here prior to being offered the role.

“It was an exhilarating process,” Whelan’s agent Gail Cowan said. “Finding the windows of opportunity required careful management as Matt was working as a lead on another production at the time and he was shooting in almost every scene.”

Mandarin-speaking Whelan’s known here for two features with Hong Kong connections: Roseanne Liang’s My Wedding & Other Secrets and Kirsten Marcon’s The Most Fun You Can Have Dying. He also led Craig Newland’s indie 3 Mile Limit and will be on theatre screens next year in thedownlowconcept’s Gary of the Pacific (fka Chief Gary).

Whelan’s TV work includes thedownlowconcept’s Cover Band and SPP’s Go Girls.

Coincidentally, the project Whelan was shooting while he was auditioning for Narcos did its last work with Whelan in the US. He then headed straight to Colombia for pre-production on Narcos.

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