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Matt Whelan’s drug deals

Netflix is rolling out its promotion for season three of Narcos, now with added Matt Whelan.

Whelan makes a blink and you’ll miss it cameo at 1:33, although his role in the series is considerably more substantial. The actor shot in Colombia and New York from mid-September last year through to April. He plays DEA Agent Daniel Van Ness who arrives in Colombia shortly after Pablo Escobar’s death (the end of the show’s second season). Whelan will return to South America later this month to promote the show ahead of its return.

Narcos S3 trailer

Prior to shooting Narcos, Whelan’s recent roles included Hugh Hefner in Amazon’s American Playboy, and ABC’s Of Kings and Prophets. He was on cinema screens here earlier in the year in thedownlowconcept’s Gary of the Pacific.

Whelan is represented by Gail Cowan Management. Narcos returns on 1 September, which might mean 2 September here.


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