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MDS signs MOU in India

Media Design School, New Zealand’s most awarded tertiary institution for digital design qualifications, and Indian-based Pearl Academy, which specialises in the fields of design, fashion and business focusing on internationalism, entrepreneurship and employability, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to share the best of their respective design programmes with one another.

The MOU was formally signed between the two institutions on the 26 October in Delhi, India, in the presence of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and aims to contribute to the development of new programmes and curriculum in both India and New Zealand, with the objective of producing a series of innovative ideas within the field of creative technologies.

Chief Executive Officer of Media Design School, Darryn Melrose, says that this MOU will provide a number of opportunities for the two tertiary providers to collaborate on projects in the fields of 3D Animation, Visual Effects, and in emerging technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality.

“This MOU is exciting as it will allow students from Pearl Academy to experience Asia Pacific’s number one digital design school first-hand,” says Melrose.
“With both India and New Zealand’s animation industries thriving, the MOU between Media Design School and Pearl Academy offers both faculty and students a unique opportunity to collaborate on projects and to connect with academics and industry they would not otherwise have exposure to,” says Melrose.

India’s animation is currently experiencing unprecedented growth, with a recent FICCI-KPMG report recording a growth rate of 13.8 percent in 2015.
Meanwhile, a 2015 PWC report indicates that New Zealand’s film and television industry continues to contribute positively to both the country’s national GDP and employment opportunities.

“We were delighted that Prime Minister John Key was in attendance at the signing of the bilateral MOU between two top design schools in the Asia Pacific Region. Both schools appreciated the opportunity to familiarise the Prime Minister with the works of MDS’ and Pearl Academy’s students,” concludes Melrose

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