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MipJunior fetes Chinese and Thunderbirds

MIPCOM opens its doors tonight NZ time. Over the weekend MipJunior ran its mini-conference, pitch, watched the Thunderbirds Are Go! world premiere and rolled out the announcement carpet.

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Ahead of its screening, the 26×30’ series of Thunderbirds managed a couple of sales to smaller territories, picked up for broadcast in Israel (Noga) and across the Middle East (MBC). As an ITV Studios production, UK broadcast is already sorted. The show was previously sold to the ABC for Australia.

Early reports were positive, while acknowledging that the proof of the FAB pudding will be the reaction it receives from kids, not from middle-aged white guys with long memories. On the upside, nobody was comparing the show with creator Gerry Anderson’s appreciation of the 2003 film adaptation: ““the biggest load of crap I have ever seen in my life”.

Thunderbirds isn’t ITV’s only co-production world premiere in Cannes, with the David Duchovny-led 1960s-set Charles Manson story Aquarius also making its first outing. Also on the ITV slate is another iteration of UK bonnet drama Poldark, which has also been heavily promoted to broadcasters ahead of the market.

Another kids show with NZ connections getting out of the blocks early in Cannes was Saban’s Power Rangers franchise, announcing its first ever sale to Mongolia, for the Super Megaforce series.

Elsewhere at MipJunior, it seems original Chinese animated might finally be achieving the international appeal their creators have long aspired to with Left Pocket Animation Studio’s Emmy winning the MIPJunior International Pitch. Left Pocket won ahead of shows pitched from Argentina, Belgium, South Africa, South Korea and Spain.

Left Pocket wins the pitch competition

Pitch winner Left Pocket Studios’ Yiume Ying and judges

Reports on the conference sessions of MipJunior, in both text and video form, can be found on the MIPWorld blog, which will updated with conference sessions from the MIPCOM conference as the week progresses.

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