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MipTV closes quietly

This week’s MipTV has closed with show organisers Reed Midem claiming 11,000 attendees, of which 4,000 were buyers. Rounding to the nearest 1,000 is not a tactic normally employed by show organisers, but the figures match those claimed for 2012 and 2013.

However, MipTV has claimed strong numbers growth around its digital-themed offerings of MipCube, Digital Fronts and other events, some of which ran on the weekend preceding the market. About a quarter of the buyers (1,000) were from the digital sector, organisers claimed.

All of which clearly equates to a drop-off in the numbers focused on TV – of around 1,000 buyers, really, since MipTV only began programming digital-specific events two years ago. This year, organisers were strongly pushing the message around the increasing amount of digital and transmedia-driven conference programme events that TV alone is no longer enough.

Whatever TV networks might say publicly about the growth of digital and its ability to engage audiences through VOD services and social media add-ons, privately they understand that it’s a money hole. Creating and sustaining those services and additional content sucks up cash but returns little in the way of advertising dollars – which is pretty much the only model currently being pursued by networks online.

Little of this was good news for those attending the MipTV market to buy and sell their TV programmes, with media reports claiming “fewer traders than for many years”.

Apart from pre-market announcement of a sale of Screentime’s Anzac Girls and a sale announced for Paua Productions’ Undercover Rescue, no sales of NZ-made shows seems to have been made public during the market.