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Moe and the Unexpected Bully

Beloved kiwi kid’s TV character Moe has a new adventure waiting – and this one’s digital! Moe and the Unexpected Bully is beautifully illustrated digital storybook that follows Moe and his friends as they encounter bullying from someone completely unexpected.

Creator Jeremy Dillon says: “I wanted to write an anti-bulling story unlike others I have read. The message I’m trying to get across isn’t the typical one – that victims of bullying should ‘stand up for themselves’. Nor does the story demonise bullies or encourage everyone to bully them in return.”

He pitched the idea of a free digital story book app to NZ On Air, who responded to its educational message. Dillon continues: “I believe that every one of us has the ability to treat others with respect and kindness, and this story is really about personal responsibility. What kind of person do you want to be? What kind of people do you want your kids to be?”

With this educational and interactive storybook, you can listen to the story with narrator Jason Fa’afoi and your favourite Moe Show characters; Moe, Fern, Frank, and Gilbert.

Interactive elements include:

  • Sound synchronised with text, word-by-word, to reinforce understanding.
  • Gilbert’s Guide can also provide help with trickier words as you read along.
  • Moe and the Unexpected Bully also includes a New Zealand Sign Language video mode.
  • And for a bit extra fun there’s a memory game!

The beautiful illustrations of Moe and his friends are by Stevie Mahardhika, based on the characters created by Pop Up Workshop; the app has been put together by the team at Kiwa Digital; and it’s all been made possible thanks to NZ On Air’s Digital Innovation Fund.  

Moe and The Unexpected Bully continues The Moe Show tradition of bringing a relatable yet magical world to New Zealand preschoolers and their parents.

Available for iOS and Android devices. Download Moe’s storybook app for FREE from the iTunes App Store and Google Play from December 5th.

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