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NAFF hits Dead End

Black comedy Dead, End from India’s Dev Benegal has taken the US$15,000 main prize in Pucheon. The project won entry into PiFan’s Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF) by winning the Hong Kong-Asia Financing Forum (HAF) NAFF prize in Hong Kong in March.

NAFF runs alongside the Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan), which this year programmed Gerard Johnstone’s Housebound, Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi’s What We Do in the Shadows, and Jack Woon’s short Rising Dust.

Dead, End’s Benegal has a long, distinguished career in Indian film and a fetish for commas, having employed them in the titles of two of his three completed features: Road, Movie and English, August. He also has a strong sense of humour, a few awards under his belt and has produced over 60 short feature films through his production programme 24×7 Making Movies.

Dev Benegal

Dev Benegal promtoes Dead, End in Hong Kong

NAFF’s multiple award-winner this year was Bruce Hwang Chen’s The Cartridge and the Man Who Copied Himself, which took the NAFF and Media Vision awards. US-born, Chen was brought up in Taiwan but works mostly in the US. He’s a respected VFX artist who’s worked on The Wolf of Wall Street and TV series The Borgias and occasionally serves as translator for Chinese actors working in the US.

The NAFF jury members this year were Japanese producer and consultant AIHARA Hiromi, Executive Producer of the Asian Film Awards Caroline Kwauk, and Korean producer Romeo NOH. The jury was led by and Australian producer and distributor Michael Favelle, founder of Odin’s Eye Entertainment.

NAFF’s 2014 projects are listed here. NAFF has now completed its 2014 edition. PiFan closes 27 July.

The 2014 NAFF winners were:
Bucheon Award
Dead, End, Dev Benegal, India

NAFF Award, Media Vision Award
The Cartridge And The Man Who Copied Himself, Bruce Hwang Chen, Taiwan

Cheong Song White Porcelain Award
N.S.I, Lee Ju Hean, Korea

Moneff Award
In The Name of Love, Cong Cai, China

Wavelab Award for sound post-production
The Shadow Zone, Jo Jin Kyu, Korea

The Color Award for DI
A Man For 100 Days, Ian Bae, Korea

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