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Natalie Medlock makes Pact

Written and directed by Natalie Medlock and starring New Zealand acting veterans Dame Kate Harcourt and Desmond Kelly in the lead roles, The Pact tackles the subject of euthanasia with a poignant script about an elderly couple making the ultimate choice when one of them is faced with a terminal diagnosis.

Cameron Rhodes (Dear Murderer, Jean, Housebound, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring), Bronwyn Bradley (Go Girls, Outrageous Fortune, Stickmen), Neill Rea (The Brokenwood Mysteries, Scarfies), Stephanie Wilkin (Mataku, Shortland Street), Alison Bruce (Hillary, Top of the Lake, The Almighty Johnsons), Jaime McDermott (Westside, Step Dave) and Elliot Wrightson (American Playboy: the Hugh Hefner Story, Westside, 3 Mile Limit) round out the cast along with youngsters Fileti Fane and Awen Price while Dave Cameron NZCS ACS (The Monster of Maungatiti, Bliss, Piece of My Heart) is Cinematographer.

Writer/Director Natalie Medlock (pictured, top) says: “The Pact isn’t an advocacy film but it was inspired by my online research about euthanasia and my hope is that it will encourage discussion around the subject of euthanasia and medically assisted suicide.”

The three-day shoot has been self-funded by Medlock and produced by Tamar Münch for Happiness Productions. A Boosted crowd-funding campaign will kick off in coming days to raise funds for post-production on the film.

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