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Netflix claims first scalp

Ezyflix has become the first of the Australasian VOD services to disappear in the wake of Netflix’s arrival earlier this year.


The service launched here in 2013, shortly after its arrival in Australia. Operating per-title rather than subscription pricing always seemed like a risky move, offering limited opportunity to build customer loyalty. The ability to release feature titles ahead of pay TV screenings and at the same time as they arrived on disc was attractive, but clearly not attractive enough.

The arrival of Lightbox, Neon and Netflix in the last 12 months, has proved the undoing of Ezyflix’s model in NZ, although obviously the Australia-based operation struggled there too. The company’s facebook page has disappeared and its website is now reduced to an announcement noting its disappearance.


Thank you for having been a part of EzyFlix. Access Digital Entertainment has decided to end the service offered on this site. If you have rented or purchased any movies or TV shows, these movies are no longer available on EzyFlix.

If you have purchased or redeemed an UltraViolet title through EzyFlix these may be accessed through several other digital movie services.