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New broom sweeps KOFIC clean

Less than a fortnight after announcing Kim Eui-suk as its new chair, the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) hits the ground running rebranding its online presence as KOBIZ, an English language website to both promote Korean releases to international buyers and increase the amount of international productions coming into Korea.

For those with an interest in Korean film, KOBIZ hosts a database of local films from the last decade, as well as information on local players and companies. The Korean language version of the site is here.

Over time, KOFIC intends to add English language newsletters and other publications. Some of these were previously available on KOFIC`s site.

The rebranding is part of a plan to put a little distance between the current administration and the previous two, the chairs of which left considerably before their terms were up to the sound of the door hitting them on the way out.

The change of identity is also part of other changes which will see KOFIC move out of Korea`s capital Seoul, and head south to Busan, home to the country`s most prestigious festival and market and to an ever-increasing share of local production.