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New Media Film Festival sets line-up

This year’s festival will present 127 new media works from 37 countries, almost half of which will be having their world or US premieres at the event. Intended to discover and cultivate creative work from emerging and seasoned content creators, the festival presents films created using Artificial Intelligence and drones, as well as 3D and VR work.

There are no NZ selections in the programme this year, although there is a bit of NZ in Laurent Youmndingouetmoun’s 15-month drone-shot journey From Russia To New Zealand, which also takes in a bit of Australia.

Australia pops up in a second globe-trotting selection, Rob Stewart’s Revolution, prouced by Gus van Sant. Two purely Australia projects are also selected: Cal Athan’s Hawk Moon in the script cateogory and Samuel Bright’s MV Edits for Little Fox.

The festival also sees presentations from key industry leaders including Studio 71’s Phil Ranta; Ana Kasparian, host of online news show The Young Turks, and Emmy Award-winning producer Jenni Powell (The Lizzie Bennett Diaries), who also worked on lonelygirl15, which featured NZ actress Jessica Rose.

The New Media Film Festival runs 7 – 9 June in Los Angeles.

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