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And then there were nine live

Loading Docs drops its head count from 10 to nine, having unloaded Aidee Walker and Alexander Gandar’s Cat Killer. Complaints have been made that the film points the finger at residents of a particular street in Raglan.

Walker and Gandar maintain that they only pointed a camera, and only did that as part of a dramatic reconstruction which wasn’t meant to suggest that the residents of Earles Place included the titular murderer. The police have confirmed that their suspicions about the serial cat killer suggest they don’t live on that street, although they’ve yet to make a collar.

Alexander Gandar and Aidee Walker


Gandar and Walker offered their “sincere apologies for any embarrassment and distress” on Facebook and kept straight faces while delivering the apology on Loading Docs’ preferred video outlet Vimeo.

When the internet reaches Raglan those who complained will be able to view it.

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