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No moa Moas in 2015

Organisers have pulled the plug on the 2015 edition of the NZ Film Awards, citing a lack of narrative feature releases.

Tom Hern

Tom Hern with a bird in the hand at the 2014 NZ Film Awards

That lack of new releases was also obvious in the programme for this year’s NZIFF, a longtime champion of local content. The festival delivered plenty of new NZ doco fare, but the only NZ narrative features were Deathgasm and Turbo Kid, both of which had NZ Film Awards organiser Ant board as a producer.

“I think might have seemed a bit dodgy to some,” Timpson noted. Given the small number of releases, both features would very possibly have been nominated in all the feature categories. The only other NZ narrative feature to release before the cut-off for NZFA nominations is Tammy Davis’ Born To Dance, which will hit screens next month.

The Dark Horse took the Best Film gong at the 2014 Film Awards.

While the awards for narrative features made up over half those presented, filmmakers of short films and doco features might be saddened at having to wait a while longer for their shot at glory. Between the NZIFF and Doc Edge, over a dozen local documentaries had received theatrical outings this year.

The decision to postpone the awards has been made with the participation of key sponsors, including Rialto and the NZFC, who got behind Timpson and Sundae’s event after the disappearance of the combined film & TV awards early in 2012.

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