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notes to eternity posted to cinemas

After making its premiere at the 2014 NZIFF, Sarah Cordery’s documentary will soon commence a theatrical run, which the director will support with several Q&A screenings in centres around the country.

The approach has been a successful one for other local documentary titles, including Pietra Brettkelly’s Maori Boy Genius, Jess Feast’s Gardening With Soul and Chris Pryor & Miriam Smith’s The Ground We Won.

A meditation on the Israel-Palestine conflict, notes for eternity begins its limited nationwide release on 12 May. The film centres on the lives and ideas of four renowned critics of Israel: Noam Chomsky, Sara Roy, Norman Finkelstein and Robert Fisk.

Following its festival screenings The Lumière Reader called it “[an] inspired and inspiring example of world-class film craft that, in its preference for a reflexive, impressionistic, contemporary aesthetic, speaks to a potentially unique (and exciting) way forward for New Zealand filmmaking.” 
An exploration of the very act of representing injustice suffered by another, the film is also a testament to the realities of dispossession that reverberate through all narratives of forced displacement and colonisation.

“As a filmmaker, I’m interested in the bigger picture: what drives people to do what they do, to commit the crimes they commit,” says Cordery.

The film was shot over a number of years primarily in Israel-Palestine and the United States. It contains the work of celebrated NZ cinematographer Alun Bollinger and award-winning NZ graphic novelist and artist Ant Sang. The soundtrack includes recent NZ Arts Laureate recipient Delaney Davidson and NZ band The Renderers.

Since its NZIFF debut Cordery has done more work on the film, which is now just completing post.

notes to eternity releases 12 May. Here’s a list of confirmed Q&A screenings.

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