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Nothing Trivial answer is … a telemovie

The answer to the pub quiz question ‘Is Catherine dead or alive?’ will be known by Christmas, courtesy of NZ On Air. The agency is putting $1.6 million into a two-hour tele-movie which, the announcement claims, will “wrap up the series … trace the lives of the popular characters over a year”.

“The storylines, acting and production values on Nothing Trivial were terrific,” said NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

NZ On Air supported the one-off to serve the show’s loyal fan base, some of whom regularly get together with fans of The Sopranos and Lost to complain about the lack of a “proper” ending.

He will laugh

He can laugh. He just won’t.

Wrightson noted, “A conclusion may also make the possibility of overseas sales of the series more viable.”

NZ On Air has also supported Screentime’s tele-movie Operation Venus and Mars. The ‘stranger-than-fiction’ story dramatises the 1990s true story of Palmerston North cop Brent Garner.

The case and its outcome are well-known, at least to New Zealanders over 40. Less well-remembered is the fact that the case marked the NZ Police’s first use of the internet to help solve a crime. There’s a lovely report here which will deliver smiles of fond remembrance for those who recall NZ internet in the 1990s – and mocking laughter from the digital native generation.

“We think viewers can’t help but be riveted by such an incredible story. We look forward to seeing how Screentime translates it to the screen,” said Ms Wrightson.

Funding details
Nothing Trivial, 1 x 2hrs, South Pacific Pictures for TV One, $1,611,635
Operation Venus And Mars, 1 x 2hrs, Screentime New Zealand for TV One, $2,648,397

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