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Nothing Trivial answers questions

Last night’s grand farewell to Nothing Trivial had the Twitterati out in force, and didn’t do bad in the ratings either.

Nothing Trivial

Nothing Trivial

All up, the telemovie ended #5 in the 5+ ratings for the day, beating off challenges in the same slot from TV2’s Total Recall and TV3’s Bourne Legacy. In TV One’s 25-54 target demographic, Total Recall (122,100) outperformed Nothing Trivial (95,700). Unsurprisingly, Nothing Trivial won comfortably in the Household Shoppers demographic.

In the 5+ ratings the Nothing Trivial finale drew 253,590 viewers, slightly ahead of the 249,510 who watched the final episode of season 3.

NZ On Air supported the special finale following much moaning about the cliffhanger conclusion of season three. The show delivered the much hoped-for happy ending.