Viva La Dirt League, Auckland, 19 July 2016: NPC Man is the brain child of Alan Morrison, Adam King and Rowan Bettjeman from Viva La Dirt League. Starring the three of them, as well as actor and online personality Brittany Clark.

NPC Man has currently achieved over 140,000 views on YouTube and smashing over 350,000 views on Facebook. Reaching thousands of New Zealanders, Australians, Americans and blitzing it’s way around the world.

NPC Man is about a ‘Non Playable Character’ in a video game who suddenly becomes aware of his own existence as a quest giver in the small fictional village of “Honeywood”. Determined to do the best job possible as an NPC he has to deal with other mindless computer characters, stupid and useless real players and navigate the slightly strange fantasy world he lives in.

The world is based on award winning games such as World Of Warcraft, Skyrim, Witcher and many other online fantasy role playing games. Filmed at The Howick Historical Village and with costumes from The Crucible role playing society NPC man brings a high quality production value to the small screen. Its high quality has been prompting its dedicated audience to question why on earth its only on Youtube!

Blizzard Entertainment have called it a ‘must watch for gamers’. International gaming personalities Day9, Kripparian and Trump have showed their love for the series saying ‘I’m a fan’, ‘hilarious’ and ‘So much fun’

Shared by thousands of people on facebook and twitter the series is growing in strength at home and around the world. Season 2 is in production with 8 more episodes coming out directly after season 1 finishes. It will be bigger, better and even funnier – with even more celebrity and online cameos.

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