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NTSV gears up for NZ Bicycle FF

The fortnight-long NZBFF launches at Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision on April 5 and is crammed full of bicycle related films and events. Workshops, panel discussions, competitions and screenings for schools have been programmed alongside internationally acclaimed movies and, of course, the best two-wheeler reels from the archive’s collection.

From the animated cobblestones of Belleville to archival footage of Aotearoa’s earliest attempts to master the velocipede, fanatics, novices and the bi-pedally curious will find something in the NZBFF to enjoy and learn.

Fancy yourself a speed demon? Come along to Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision between 5pm and 6pm on Friday 8 April for Goldsprints, where our friends from Bicycle Junction will set you up to race your friends or the clock for a chance to win some great prizes. Or take your two-wheeled baby for a check up, courtesy of a mechanical expert from the Mechanical Tempest, on-site at Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision from 3pm till 7pm on Saturday 9 April.

There’s also a schools’ presentation: Kids n’ Bikes in Black n’ White. For a gold coin entry each, students can see what bike life was like when our parents, grandparents and great grandparents were kids.

The crew from The Big Bike Film Night have also joined the NZBFF programme, offering Wellington two opportunities to see their ‘absolutely breath-taking’ range of short bike films from around the world. Now in its second year, 2016’s Big Bike Film Night tour has already enjoyed sell-out screenings in Rotorua, Taupo, and Cambridge. Bike fans in Wellington would be wise to book now for a chance to see this ‘unprecedented’ collection.

The New Zealand Bicycle Film Festival is supported by the Wellington City Council’s Communities on Bikes Fund. Details on all NZBFF events and screenings are available on Nga Taonga Sound & Vision’s website. Check out the programme, bring your racemates, your family, your students and go ahead and bring your bikes. Thanks to Wellington City Council, you can cycle to any of the festival events and store your bike indoors while you enjoy what’s on screen inside.

For further information on the NZBFF, The Big Bike Film Night, Kids n’ Bikes in Black n’ White, visit ngataonga.org.nz/