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NZ agencies roar at Lions

As Cannes Lions drew to a close, NZ agencies took two of the four Titanium Lions presented. The awards went to the two campaigns that had been the strongest NZ performers during the week: Colenso BBDO’s Brewtroleum for DB Export and Y&R’s ‘McWhopper’ for Burger King.

NZ agencies ended this year’s edition of Cannes Lions with two Titanium Lions, three Grand Prix, and 19 each of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. All up, those awards left NZ 6th on the country table, ahead of Australia. The US was the predictable overall winner, taking over twice the number of medals of nearest rival the UK.

Despite a very impressive week, NZ agencies picked up no nominations or medals in the Film and Film Craft categories.

Cannes Lions closed its 2016 edition on 25 June.

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