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NZ On Air delivers length and breadth

NZ On Air announces support for documentary to factual and from the very fat to the lean and mean Country Calendar. The world’s second longest-running show (Coro is #1?) turns 50 in 2015 and still pulls 500,000+ viewers on Saturday nights.

“We have a deep affection for Country Calendar which we’ve supported for 24 of the 25 years NZ On Air has been around. It is as purely Kiwi as it gets. These beautifully-crafted documentaries let our people of the land and sea, and our spectacular countryside, shine. We congratulate the Country Calendar team for engaging audiences with quality stories for half a century,” said NZ On Air CEO Jane Wrightson.

Country Calendar

Country Calendar has a night out with the boys

South Pacific Pictures, which also scored in yesterday’s drama funding announcement from NZ On Air, has a series for Prime (for whom it made previous forays into factual, Rivers and Wild Coasts). Forensics: The Science Behind The Truth is a title which pretty much says it all.

The remaining five shows announced (including Country Calendar) are all destined for TVNZ.

TV One gets Country Calendar, Jam TV’s The DNA Detectives (which sounds as if it traverses similar territory to Wall to Wall’s long-running UK show Who Do You Think You Are?) and Imagination TV’s House Hunters. TV2 gets Greenstone’s lard-by-the-yard look at obesity, The Big Ward and Bogans Heroes from Workhouse.

Funding details:
The Big Ward, 10 x 30 mins, Greenstone TV for TV2, $433,996
Bogans Heroes, 10 x 30 mins, Workhouse for TV2, $321,902
Country Calendar, 30 x 30 mins, TVNZ for TV One, $425,036
The DNA Detectives, 6 x 1 hr, Jam TV for TV One, $1,045,671
Forensics: The Science Behind The Truth, 6 x 1 hr, South Pacific Pictures for Prime, $1,019,124
House Hunters, 10 x 30 mins, Imagination Television for TV One, $686,799

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