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NZ Film Awards names nominees

After a hiatus last year, the nicknamed Moas are back in 2017 once again as the Rialto Channel NZ Film Awards.

In a formal-yet-informal ceremony with an irreverent edge disguising a serious purpose, the Awards will recognise a wide range of films released over the past two years. In total, there are 19 drama features, 9 documentary features and 12 short films up for consideration in various categories.

A particular highlight is the 7 strong nominees in the Best Documentary category, which sees international favourite TICKLED alongside local heroes CHASING GREAT and POI E: THE STORY OF OUR SONG, the unconventional animated 25 APRIL and the outwardly-focused A FLICKERING TRUTH.

Winners will be decided by a judging committee that is totally off-shore based, which may lead to a fresh perspective on New Zealand’s films. Local blockbuster HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE has the highest number of nominations with 15, followed by THE REHEARSAL (13), MAHANA (12) and SLOW WEST (10).

Independent filmmakers have upped the ante since the last awards with six films vying for the title of Best Self-funded feature, including science-fiction mind-bender CHRONESTHESIA, acclaimed drama THE GREAT MAIDEN’S BLUSH and Samoan comedy THREE WISE COUSINS.

This year’s HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE Best Actor nominee Julian Dennison could become a two-time winner at the ripe old age of 14. He won Best Supporting Actor in 2013 for Best Picture Winner SHOPPING.

Awards co-producer Hugh Sundae says: “The categories are filled with great work, but the Moas have never just been about the finalists. As cliched as it sounds it’s the one chance the industry get together to celebrate their craft, with all disciplines treated equally. And after a year off this is a long-overdue get-together.”

The NZ Film Awards will be presented on Saturday 18 February in Auckland, with major support from New Zealand Film Commission and other industry partners.

Rialto Channel Best Film
Free in Deed
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Slow West
The Rehearsal

Fish Best Director
Jake Mahaffy, Free in Deed
Taika Waititi, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Lee Tamahori, Mahana
John Maclean, Slow West
Alison Maclean, The Rehearsal

flicks.co.nz Best Screenplay
Taika Waititi, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
John Collee, Mahana
John Maclean, Slow West
Andrea Bosshard, The Great Maiden’s Blush
Alison Maclean and Emily Perkins, The Rehearsal

NZ On Air Best Television Feature
How to Murder Your Wife
Venus and Mars

Park Road Post Best Self-Funded Film
Broken Hallelujah
Stars in Her Eyes
The Great Maiden’s Blush
Three Wise Cousins

Best Actress
Rachel House, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Caren Pistorius, Slow West
Miriama McDowell, The Great Maiden’s Blush
Kerry Fox, The Rehearsal
Laurence Leboeuf, Turbo Kid

Best Actor
Milo Cawthorne, Deathgasm
Julian Dennison, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Temuera Morrison, Mahana
Michael Fassbender, Slow West
James Rolleston, The Rehearsal

Manukau Urban Maori Authority Best Supporting Actress
Onyeka Arapai, Born To Dance
Nova Waretini-Hewison, Chronesthesia
Rima Te Wiata, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Nancy Brunning, Mahana
Ella Edward, The Rehearsal

Te Whānau O Waipareira Best Supporting Actor
Jordan Vaahakolo, Born To Dance
Ben Mitchell, Broken Hallelujah
Sam Neill, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Kieran Charnock, The Rehearsal
Edwin Wright, Turbo Kid

Image Zone Best Cinematography
Simon Raby, Deathgasm
Lachlan Milne, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Ginny Loane, Mahana
Robbie Ryan, Slow West
Waka Attewell, Alun Bollinger, The Great Maiden’s Blush

Letterboxd Best Production Design
Shayne Radford, Born To Dance
Neville Stevenson, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Mark Robins, Mahana
Kim Sinclair, Slow West
Kirsty Cameron, The Rehearsal

Mandy VFX Best Editor
Luke Haigh, Tom Eagles, Yana Gorskaya, Hunt for the Wilderpoeple
Michael Horton with Jonathan Woodford-Robinson, Mahana
Roland Gallois, Jon Gregory, Slow West
Jonathan Woodford-Robinson, The Rehearsal
Luke Haigh, Turbo Kid

Bigpop Studios Best Score
Lukasz Pawel Buda, Samuel Scott, Conrad Wedde, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper and Tama Waipara, Mahana
Jed Kurzel, Slow West
Connan Mockasin, The Rehearsal
Le Matos, Turbo Kid

Bigpop Studios Best Sound Design
Phil Burton, Chronesthesia
Gareth Van Niekerk, Amy Barber, Chris Sinclair, Deathgasm
Dick Reade, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Dick Reade, Fred Enholmer, Tim Chaproniere, The Rehearsal
Dick Reade, Turbo Kid

Images and Sound Best Visual Effects
Simeon Duncombe, Chronesthesia
Jason Lei Howden, Sarah Howden, Johnathan Guest, Blur + Sharpen, Halcyon Digital, Park Road Post, Electricity, Deathgasm
Weta Digital, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Peter McCully, Dan Packer, Mahana
Curious, Alchemy 24, Turbo Kid

Best Costume Design
Kylie Cooke, Born To Dance
Kristen Seth, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Liz McGregor, Mahana
Kirsty Cameron, Slow West
Kirsty Cameron and Charlotte Rust, The Rehearsal

MAC Best Makeup Design
Vanessa Hurley, Roger Murray, Andrew Beattie, Deathgasm
Dannelle Satherley, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Susie Glass, Mahana
Dannelle Satherley, The Rehearsal

New Zealand Film Commission Best Documentary

25 April
A Flickering Truth
Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses
Chasing Great
Poi E: The Story Of Our Song
The Ground We Won

Best Documentary Director
Leanne Pooley, 25 April
Pietra Brettkelly, A Flickering Truth
David Stubbs, Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses
Michelle Walshe & Justin Pemberton, Chasing Great
Tearepa Kahi, Poi E: The Story Of Our Song
Christopher Pryor, The Ground We Won
David Farrier & Dylan Reeve, Tickled

PLS Best Documentary Cinematography
Jacob Bryant, A Flickering Truth
Matthew Knight, Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses
Jacob Bryant, Chasing Great
Adam Luxton & Summer Agnew, On an Unknown Beach
Christopher Pryor, The Ground We Won
Dominic Fryer, Tickled

Lotech Media Best Documentary Editor
Tim Woodhouse, 25 April
Bradley Warden, Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses
Prisca Bouchet, Ever the Land
Terarepa Kahi and Francis Glenday, POI E: The Story of our Song
Simon Coldrick, Tickled

Best Short Film

Linda’s List
Madam Black
Shout at the Ground

Halcyon Digital Best Self Funded Short Film
Accidents, Blunders and Calamities
Every Moment
Food For Thought
Not Like Her

Actors Agents Association of New Zealand Best Short Film Actress
Jacqueline Joe, Cradle
Bree Peters, Every Moment
Angela Bloomfield, Linda’s List
Kate Elliott, Not Like Her
Katlyn Wong, WAIT

Actors Agents Association of New Zealand Best Best Short Film Actor
Josh McKenzie, Bound
Matthew Sunderland, Cradle
Aaron McGregor, Every Moment
Cohen Holloway, Feeder
Jethro Skinner, Madam Black