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NZ On Air fires up joint fund for Maori webseries

An initiative just launched by NZ On Air and Te Mangai Paho aims to create a way to tell stories by and for Maori outside the traditional broadcast model. The new joint fund for webseries has $500,000 available for up to five different projects, for Maori audiences, or for Maori stories for general audiences.

Up to two of the webseries funded will be fully in Te Reo.

“We are looking for new ways to reach audiences. Webseries are an innovative way to reach targeted audiences with online content they can access whenever and wherever they like,” said NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

Anapela Polataivo in The Factory

Anapela Polataivo in The Factory

“Last year we specifically set aside some of our Digital Media Fund for content for Pacific audiences. This led to the creation of website TheCoconet.TV and webseries The Factory, which have been very successful with their intended audiences.This year we want to spark ideas for new content that makes a conscious effort to reveal something about the past, present or future Maori world,” said Ms Wrightson.

NZ On Air is very pleased to have partnered with Te Mangai Pāho for the webseries initiative.

John Bishara, Chief Executive of Te Mangai Pāho, agrees. “The decision to pool resources, both expertise and financial, will significantly enhance the opportunity that is created for Maori storytellers and tellers of Maori stories. I believe this will definitely be a case where the results will yield content more valuable than the sum of our shared contributions.”

Applications for the fund must be received by 30 May. Details are on both the NZ On Air and Te Mangai Pāho websites.

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