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NZ Idle explores life without work

On Tuesday, Wellington-based Poor Sailors Arts Collective released the first three episodes of new webseries NZ Idle | Friends with Unemployment Benefits. The full series will run to six episodes.

The series was made on a shoestring budget, including $1600+ donated to a Boosted campaign the Collective ran last year.

NZ Idle, episode 1

The series offers a comic take on attitudes toward the unemployed.

NZ Idle: got talent?

NZ Idle: got talent?

“All too often, in a short cut to thinking, all beneficiaries are negatively stereotyped as lazy, unmotivated, underserving” (a bit of a Freudian sic there).

Poor Sailors Arts Collective is putting the series about online to maximise eyeballs. It’s currently hosted on YouTube and is also available on its own site along with some additional material, and on the NZ On Air-supported The Wireless.