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NZ Indie for Boston

Epic Sci-Fi Action Comedy THIS GIANT PAPIER MACHE BOULDER IS ACTUALLY REALLY HEAVY will have its World Premiere at the 41st Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival on 12th February.

The Little Hero Pictures film is directed and produced by well-known New Zealand artist Christian Nicolson. Written by Nicolson and Andrew Beszant four years ago, it was runner-up in the inaugural Make My Movie competition in 2012.

Despite not winning first prize, Nicolson was determined to build on his early successes in short film and see his first feature through to completion. Funded by a huge sale of his original artwork, he bought a Red camera and assembled a cast and crew of budding professionals who shared his excitement at the project’s potential. Nicolson worked in nearly every aspect of the film, taking a lead acting role, prop and set-building, directing and producing. The end product is a labour of love and exists through the passion and determination of all involved.

THIS GIANT PAPIER MACHE BOULDER is a film about three ordinary guys who get stuck inside a B-grade Sci-fi movie. They soon discover latex monsters and nefarious villains are the least of their problems, and have to find a way out before they get lost in space…forever.

Nicolson and co-writer Beszant grew up fixated with old Sci-fi. Entire childhoods were spent soaking up the action and atmosphere of outer space in classics like Blake’s 7, Lost in Space and Star Trek. These were shows where imagination leaped over budget restrictions, sucking us all into strange worlds on no more than a pair of spray-painted cricket gloves and someone’s mum’s old curling iron. This film is steeped in the look and feel of the old Sci-fi shows, and has itself the feel of a cult classic.

“With no funding available, what better way to make a first feature than to design one with a low budget aesthetic. It’s a cunning plan and I am not afraid to admit it,” says Nicolson. “This film was so much hard work, and oh so much fun. No one escaped my grip as I dragged everyone and anyone into my low budget universe. Now it’s time to blast off.”

THIS GIANT PAPIER MACHE BOULDER IS ACTUALLY REALLY HEAVY is a Little Hero Pictures production starring Christian Nicolson, Sez Niederer, Lewis Roscoe, Daniel Pujol, Joseph Wycoff, Tansy Hayden and Jarred Tito, guest starring Merv Smith.Directed by Christian Nicolson, Written by Christian Nicolson and Andrew Beszant, Produced by Christian Nicolson, Soundtrack by Karl Steven.

“It’s easily one of my favourite kiwi films ever. I actually already want to watch it again” (Karl Burnett – Shortland Street)

“This film HAS to be made” (Ant Timpson – Turbo Kid, Deathgasm)

“I read the script and laughed out loud” (Andrew Beattie Producer, Deathgasm)

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