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NZ On Air and Porirua join forces

Porirua City is the first local body to join forces with NZ On Air in a new incentive-based funding scheme which will encourage the filming of music videos outside of the main cities.

Called Bring It Home, the scheme will give artists who have succeeded in securing NZ On Air funding for a music video more money if they film their video, hire people or buy goods and services in a local area that’s part of the scheme.

The first of the Bring It Home schemes will see artists who film in or use resources in the Porirua City area for a music video receive $2,000 from Porirua City Council, in addition to the $6,000 NZ On Air music video funding (known as MakingTracks).

Artists will only qualify for the Porirua City Council top-up if they have first secured MakingTracks funding. There are five grants available initially.

“Our goal is to showcase local artists and regions. But we are also hoping to encourage more artists from outside the big centres to consider applying for MakingTracks funding, as we know there’s talent out there,” says NZ On Air Music Manager Brendan Smyth.

“We know Porirua is bursting with talent. This scheme is a great way of backing our local musicians and filmmakers, as well as providing a return for local businesses,” says Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett.

NZ On Air congratulates Porirua City Council on being the first council to establish a Bring It Home incentive-based scheme. The agency is happy to discuss establishing further Bring It Home schemes in other regions.

For further details of Bring It Home go to nzonair.govt.nz/music and for further information about applying for MakingTracks funding go to here.

For more information on filming in Porirua, go here.

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