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NZ On Air flags interactive call

NZ On Air has announced that its Interactive Fund will this year be directed to support digital interactive documentary projects. Previously, NZ On Air has targeted online funding to support work for children and Polynesian audiences.

Amber Easby & Henry Oliver's Kusada

Kusada, currently on the way via the NZ On Air-supported Loading Docs initiative

This year’s round will seek applications for “documentary-based ideas with significant extension through online content, interactivity or content evolution through user contribution”.

Up to $175,000 per successful project will be on offer with a further $150,000 for projects which include a “primetime television broadcast outcome”, wording that discourages networks from shuffling screenings to the outer limits of the schedule.

There’s some information already on the NZ On Air website, with the call for proposals to be issued on Monday 1 June (but possibly Tuesday 2 as Monday’s a stat). As it happens, the opening of the call slips neatly in between the two outings for Documentary Edge’s Screen Edge Forum in Auckland (29 May) and Wellington (4 June).

While applications will be encouraged, NZ On Air noted that the bar is pretty damn high. Last year the agency received 60 applications and supported two projects. NZ On Air also has money in another online documentary initiative, Loading Docs, currently in its second year.

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