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NZ On Air gets real

11 hours of documentary and three hours apiece of music and comedy get NZ On Air support at the latest funding round.

Our Big Blue Backyard

Our Big Blue Backyard: sunrise at Kaikoura

“Our job is to ensure programmes on our screens embrace the diversity of our nation – we think these programmes do just that,” said NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

NHNZ decides its safe to go back in the water with a second series of Platinum documentary series Our Big Blue Backyard, which heads further offshore than the first series.

Greenstone will deliver Decades In Colour, a three-part series combining never-before-broadcast amateur colour footage, official records and interviews to portray social change through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Pan Pacific Films (Annie Goldson’s Brother Number One) returns to the ASEAN region with Til Death Do Us Part. Wanganui’s Antony de Malmanche faces the death penalty in Bali for drug trafficking, but claims he was lured to Asia by a woman he met on the internet.

Also supported was Smokefree Rockquest 2015 and Chopper’s Line Up, presenting stand-up comedy. To be hosted by Australian comedian Heath ‘Chopper’ Franklin, the decision to support the show was quickly moaned about by Herald.

Our Big Blue Backyard 2, 6 x 1hr, NHNZ for TV One, $2,066,927
Decades in Colour, 3 x 1 hr, Greenstone TV for Prime, $580,060
Smokefree Rockquest 2015, 4 x ½ hr plus 1 x 1hr, Commotion for FOUR, $319,050
Til Death Do Us Part, 1 x 1hr, Pan Pacific Films for TV3, $195,000
Chopper’s Line Up, 6 x ½ hr, Hikoi NZ for TV3, $90,080

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