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NZ On Air opens call for webseries

NZ On Air has opened its call for applications for webseries under the Digital Media Fund allocation.

High Road

High Road

The agency hopes to support five series this year, having funded nine over the last two years, including series of Flat 3, High Road and Nia’s Extra Ordinary Life. NZ On Air also introduced a joint scheme with the Canada Media Fund yto co-produce transmedia content, which last month announced Brown Sugar Apple Grunt, thedownlowconcept and Fumes TV as the NZ recipients.

The application criteria for this year’s DMF webseries funding include a requirement for video content as part of the application – be that a from previous series (Flat3 and High Road were funded for series 3 and 2 respectively), a pilot or created specifically for the application.

Previous outings of NZ On Air’s DMF schemes have specified target audiences, including Pacific, children. This round doesn’t specify a target audience, but NZ On Air notes “priority will be awarded to those projects that do target a special interest audience”.

NZ On Air is also pushing the importance of understanding audiences and having solid plans to reach them. While webseries have a half-life not dissimilar to that of uranium, they’re often not very good at building audiences quickly.

Applications close on 1 August. Details here.

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