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NZ On Air: RFP for Ethnic Diversity series

TVNZ and NZ On Air are seeking proposals for a new television series (10 x half hour) aimed at reflecting the ethnic and cultural diversity of New Zealand’s population.

New Zealand’s cultural landscape is constantly evolving. The arrival of migrants from a range of countries around the world and our commitment to resettle up to 750 refugees a year is creating an enriching, diverse multicultural community.

In 2008 TVNZ commissioned a 10 x ? hr special interest series Minority Voice which will screen later this year on Sunday morning. The series used strong personal stories ( 3 – 4 in each 29 minute episode) of a diverse range of new New Zealanders to explore a number of key and common issues that are important to and prevalent in these emerging communities – language, education, health, employment, cultural identity.

We are now seeking to add to the mix of stories by supporting a further 10 x ? hour series from the independent production sector that will enable us to continue to provide a voice for new New Zealanders and promote cultural awareness, understanding and inclusiveness for all New Zealanders.

The budget range is $300,000 – $350,000 or $30,000 – $35,000 per episode.

It is expected the series would be delivered by September 2010
The deadline for proposals is 20 November 2009. We would hope to notify applicants of the outcome within a month of this date.

Further information is available at NZ On Air.

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